ebusd ist ein Daemon zur Kommunikation mit eBUS Geräten, die über einen 2-Draht-Bus verbunden sind (“energy bus” – verwendet von vielen Heizsystemen).

Releases, Quellcode und Dokumentation sind auf github verfügbar:


ebusd handhabt alle Aspekte des eBUS Protokolls auf unterer Ebene, erlaubt bequemes Senden/Empfangen ganzer Nachrichten und übernimmt dabei die Interpretation des Inhalts.

Hier finden sich Details eines „ordentlichen“ eBUS-Adapters, der für die Verbindung von ebusd mit dem Heizsystem benötigt wird.

Aktuelle Version 22.3:


This is the 11th release of ebusd 3 and the 20th (="T", therefor Tangerine) since ebusd was completely reworked.

The major new features are the high speed serial mode for the enhanced protocol, further options for MQTT integration, as well as some fixes.

See ChangeLog and Wiki for details.

Not part of this release yet but probably the next one is the support for KNX integration.

Along with this release the config web service data was also updated after merging some contributions, see here.

Debian 11 (Bullseye), 10 (Buster), and 9 (Stretch) install packages for amd64, 386, armv7 (Raspberry Pi 2/3/4), and arm64 (Raspberry Pi 3/4 64 bit) are attached and will also be made available soon in the Debian repository as described here.

Variants of each binary with MQTT support have an additional "mqtt1" (for libmosquitto1) suffix in the name. Those without MQTT support don't have such a suffix.

For Arch Linux, simply run makepkg in the contrib/archlinux/ebusd/ directory.

For Alpine Linux, run apk --repository=http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/community add ebusd.

The latest release is also available as multi-architecture Docker image on the hub with tag ebusd:latest.

Dazu passende CSV Konfigurationsdateien:

Verwendung mit ebusd Version 3.2 oder neuer:

Seit ebusd Version 3.2 kann einfach die Standardoption für die Konfigurationsdateien verwendet werden, bei der die Dateien direkt von ebusd.eu abgerufen werden (siehe „–configpath“ Option).
Wegen dieses Features werden keine weiteren Paketversionen des ebusd-configuration Repositorys generiert. Sofern die Konfigurationsdateien bearbeitet werden sollen, muss das Repository gecloned werden und ebusd darauf konfiguriert werden.

Neueste Version (für ebusd vor 3.2):

ebusd 2.1 config 2016/06/05

This is the second release of ebusd 2.1 configuration files for easy installation on e.g. Debian.

The major new feature of this release compared to 2.0 is the support for a variety of different Vaillant BAI devices. Compared to the first 2.1 release, the missing ".inc" files were added to the ".deb" files and 370 as well as F37 devices were added.

Installation on Debian:

  1. Download one of the ".deb" files with your desired language code
  2. Run "*dpkg -i --force-overwrite ebusd-configuration-2.1..deb**" Note: The "--force-overwrite" option is necessary since the ebusd package already contains a rough "broadcast.csv", which is also contained in this package.

Installation on other OS:

  1. Download one of the ".tgz" files with your desired language code
  2. Remove old files/directories from the /etc/ebusd directory
  3. Unpack it to the /etc/ebusd directory using "*tar xzf ebusd-configuration-2.1..tgz -C /etc/ebusd/**"

Frühere Versionen sind hier zu finden.